Where in My Garden Should I Place My Birdbath?

Mar 6th 2023

Where in My Garden Should I Place My Birdbath?

When you think of adding a birdbath to your garden, where should you place it? The placement of your birdbath will be determined by where you would want birds to congregate. Placing a birdbath in your garden is a wonderful way to both engage with birds and help them thrive.

The Best Location for a Birdbath:

The experts at Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor recommend placing your garden bird bath a minimum of 10 feet away from a bird feeder to keep it clean and maintained. You never want your bird bath too close to the feeder, birds often release their droppings near where they eat. The birdbath you choose must be easy to clean; having fresh water is healthier for the birds but will also tempt more of them to visit.

  • Placement of your birdbath should have access to sunlight for at least part of the day. This will help keep the water warm, encouraging birds to visit more often and enjoy a refreshing dip. For warmer climates, it is not recommended to place a birdbath in full all-day sun, a bit of shade will keep the water cooler. Full sun would be preferable in colder zones.
  • Ensure the birdbath is in an open area where your feathered friends can easily see their predators approaching while they bathe. Shrubs or trees in proximity is wonderful, but not so close a predator could use it to hide.
  • Consider where you want to observe the birds visiting your birdbath. Position it where you can easily view the birds that come and go throughout the day as they bathe and drink from the birdbath.
  • Putting a birdbath too close to the window increases the risk of collision.
  • Perching spots for the birds are a must. They need a place to preen, think about where you have plants or trees that attract birds, such as near flower beds and gardens.

Which Kind of Birdbath Is the Best?

When deciding which birdbath is best for you and your garden, we recommend considering the type of company you want this birdbath to draw in. Material, size, and color are some things to consider when picking the perfect bird bath for your feathered friends.

Pedestal-style bird baths are classic favorites, they offer stability and can easily be moved around. Deck mount designs provide a great way to add an extra touch of charm to your outdoor space. No matter what type of bird bath you choose, ensure it has enough water depth and access points so that all birds can comfortably enjoy it. One of our favorites is a Chatham birdbath; it’s simple features and clean design make it undeniably classic. It sits with a round bowl atop a pedestal base and is crafted from cast stone.

One thing to keep in mind regarding any garden birdbath is the best option is one that provides a moving water source. A garden birdbath with a moving water feature looks attractive, creates a calming atmosphere, and attracts more birds from a distance. Moving water also helps keep the bath clean by preventing bacteria from building up in standing water. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to bring life and beauty into your garden space, consider adding a birdbath featuring a moving water feature! Not only will it keep your garden visitors happy with clean drinking water, but it will surely bring smiles of delight as you watch them come flocking in.

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