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MC 4 Fountain - Copper


Brand Campania International

SKU: CMP-FT-339-CP-01
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Wall Mounted Fountains are a great addition to any home or garden. No space for a water fountain? Bring a wall fountain to the rescue! Simply mount the wall fountains on any wall, post, fence, (or up against the wall with a floor wall fountain) etc, fill with water, and plug the fountain pump cord in. They work indoors or outdoors. It's an instant water feature for your interior or exterior.

Water Wall Fountains can be made of many types of materials. Fiberglass water wall fountains are a good choice for many situations. Strong, yet lightweight material that is waterproof. The finishes of many modern water wall fountains simulated aged stone, rock, or other materials. A bonus for fiberglass wall fountains is that they can be easily shipped via UPS, and do not require a large truck to deliver your wall fountain.

Wall Water Fountains can also be made of stone, clay, wood, and many different types of metal, including copper. (Most indoor wall water fountains are metal). Copper is a nice choice for metal, although wall water fountains made of copper are very expensive due to the recent price increases in the raw material. For ultimate effect, a wall water fountain made from cast stone is the closest thing you'll come to the classic Mediterranean wall fountains, most commonly found in Italy, Spain, and France. These are molded fountains from cast stone concrete, and are extremely durable, some are suitable for placement on the floor, up against the wall. These fountains typically are available in many different patinas (colors), and are made in the USA due to the excessive cost of shipping these fountains.

Wall Fountain: Many Choices of wall fountains exist. Look at the area/wall you are looking to hang the wall fountain on, and step back to visualize the wall fountain exactly where it is to be mounted. (there are specific interior wall fountains and exterior wall fountains). Look at the area in normal daylight, evening light, and with any lighting you plan to use.