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Cherub Head Planter


Brand Designer Stone

SKU: DS-2067-01
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A Bust is typically described as statuary that represents a person or animals head and chest area. They have detailed faces and often can be exaggerated. Many busts are created based upon famous figurines or ancient characters. These beautiful pieces of art work make a piece of garden statuary a small piece of history and unique art that you can bring into your home or place in your garden. Busts also make wonderful talking pieces for sitting rooms or business waiting rooms.

In addition to garden statuary, busts can consist of a wall hanging, like a plaque or sculpture. Busts can also just be used as statuary, to set on your grounds as décor, or place on a pedestal as a focal point. Busts can also be planters, you can plant beautiful blooms and greens right inside and give your busts beautiful hair foliage!

Our busts are crafted from cast stone, to create a strong a durable accent. Cast stone is great, because it is made to last, and will weather naturally, creating a wonderful look that becomes more beautiful over the years! These busts are also available to be patined or finished in your choice of patina offered by each manufacturer. Busts can be very classical or very comical and make wonderful gifts for the person who has everything!