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Iron urns and planters have been a staple in many homes and gardens for years.  Planters composed out of iron are often found at some of the grandest homes in the world.  These beautiful works of art work well for many outdoor spaces because of their coloring and resistant material.

Our iron urns and planters are available in three colors.  Our wax rust finish combines browns and reds to create a beautiful color.  The wax rust planters are beautiful choice for outdoor spaces that include brick patios and walkways as their reddish tone will pull some of the beautiful brick colors.

Our lead finish iron planters feature a classic gray coloring.  These iron urns and planters are a great choice for spaces that need a subtle pop of color. Their subtle color will allow the planting placed inside of them be showcased for all to focus on.

The matte black iron urns are a perfect choice for a sleek, modern look.  The darker coloring of these urns make them a great choice if you will be planting them with bright colorful flowers during the spring and summer months and will also look great when filled with greens and reds for the holidays.