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Modular planters are an excellent way to bring modern container gardening into your outdoor space. Modular are designed to allow a great deal of flexibility with how they can be used and positioned. When made by one manufacturer, modular planters are designed to fit together in a smooth fashion, allowing for a flowing landscape. Modular planters can be utilized in a garden all by themselves or positioned together.

Modular planters are available in two different materials. Lightweight modulars are made out of a fiberglass material and are available in a matte black lite finish and a concrete lite finish. Creating the perfect modern look for any outdoor area.  Modular planters are loved by landscapers and landscape architects because they can easily be maneuvered and put into usable positions. They make great additions to many different commercial locations from outdoor restaurant seating areas to roof top decks.

Our modular planters are typically square or rectangular in shape.This allows them to be put together easily to create the perfect container gardening. Container gardening is an easy way to keep your flowers and planters under control without having to worry about the soil and ground in your garden. Modular Planters are a perfect choice for desert areas where planting is very difficult.