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Personalized garden accents make giving a gift one of your favorite things to do. Each of these garden statues allows you to add your very own piece of information. Whether it be a gift for a loved one or just an accenting piece that you want to have more meaning. Personalized Garden accents are wonderful ways to bring back memories of loved ones who have passed and honor them day after day. Engraving the name and memory of your loved one into a bench is a wonderful way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors while remembering all of the wonderful times.

Engraving a heart garden statue or bench is also a wonderful way to commemorate your everlasting love. Engrave special dates like your anniversary or the date you and your loved one first met on one of these garden accents. Imagine receiving a gift that has your name and special memory that can last a lifetime. Place these garden statues inside of the home on your fireplace or kitchen to view every day for wonderful memories. Place a garden bench in your favorite spot in the back or front yard for a place to escape from all the stresses of live and relive wonderful memories.