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Pedestals placed in the garden, or around your home, help an already beautiful garden statue, stand out even more. A pedestal is designed to highlight the item that is placed upon it. The pedestal highlights the item placed on top of it. When you spend time searching out the perfect statue and money on that statue, you want to make sure it is showcased for you and everyone else to see. Placing a garden statue upon a pedestal giving the statue a place of honor. Pedestals can work with just about any piece of garden art whether it be miniature fountains, statues, or planters. A hidden statue can easily be brought to eye sight by adding a pedestal for depth and dimension.

Placement for Garden Statues on Pedestals

The placement of a garden statue needs to be carefully thought out. It is important to place it so that is stands out, but also so that it blends nicely with the surrounding plants and statues. Considering the existing elements in your garden will help you to plan the perfect spot for your pedestal and statue.
Sometimes an empty corner location can be the perfect spot to highlight a special piece of statuary. It adds to the appeal of the landscape, while filling in an empty setting. Adding a pedestal at the entrance to your home or driveway can allow you to showcase off a special garden statue. Our combination garden statues with pedestals are paired perfectly together. Our manufacturers have created these combinations because they feel they are a perfect fit together.

Caring for Pedestals and Statues

Statuary and pedestals alike sometimes need extra care depending upon the material they are made from. Most pedestals already have a drain hole inside of the pedestal so that these garden accents are designed to last a lifetime. Cast Stone statues can be scrubbed with water and a brush to remove dirt or moss. Fiberglass statues should be stored indoors during the winter. Bronze and Stone elements will weather naturally, creating unique patinas as they age. Other products like granite need no care, as it is strong and will outlast us all.