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Learn about Enabled Gardening

The idea of Horticultural Therapy can be sited clear back to the beginning of the American identity. Dr. Benjamin Rush, a psychiatric researcher, and one of the signers of Declaration of Independence, found that those people who kept busy and partook of gardening endeavors, were less likely to need medical attention.

This form of therapy gained more attention as military hospitals used gardening as occupational therapy during the World Wars, making garden accessible for injured veterans, thus dubbing this type of gardening enabled gardening.

Any space that is developed for a physically or developmentally handicapped to participate in gardening is called an enabled garden. This therapeutic practice will help those people who otherwise could not enjoy the benefits of gardening to contribute.

These gardens are totally handicap accessible, feature padded tools for arthritic hands, as well as bright colored plants for the vision impaired. These people have the ability to plant and grow, and learn a hobby that they can take to their homes.

Positives of Gardening

Gardening can be a wonderful creative outlet. You get to choose the plant, the color, the pot, and the layout. Total creative freedom. Gardening is also a productive and beneficial form of exercise.  Whether you are digging the hole for the plant, bending and stretching to prune or trim your plants, pick vegetables, or plant seeds. These skills are forms of exercise without even realizing it!

Planting a vegetable garden can also be a productive source of food. Even a small tomato plant will yield round and red tomatoes.  If you are more ambitious, you can plant beans, carrots, peppers, or anything other fruit or vegetables that will give you fresh and delicious produce to last all year!

Who is Enabled Gardening for?

An enabled garden is the perfect solution for anyone who has trouble functioning in a traditional garden. Raised beds are great for people with back issues.  Creating a wheelchair accessible pathway, with wide paths and rails will also help get more people involved.

Flexibility can also be an issue, and the solution is “easy grip” tools, that do not need nearly as much strength to work, but still help to build strength and flexibility. Container Gardens are a wonderful way to bring gardening indoors, and help those people who cannot go outdoors often participate in planting and gardening.

With a little creativity and attention to safety, gardens can be created to suit anyone’s needs. Enjoy the benefits of gardening, and the satisfaction growing your own plants or vegetables will bring into your life, or the life of someone you know.

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