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Waterfalls are one of the natural wonders of the world. Our planet is approximately 70% water, so it only makes sense that these beautiful elements form naturally all over the world.

So what is a waterfall? Surprisingly there is no standard definition. Basically there are many types of waterfalls, raining in size, water flow, or even if they flow all year long. Waterfalls are often thought to be magnificent features where water thunders down over a huge cliff creating a stunning picturesque view.

Waterfalls generally are formed from rivers or streams that fall off the side of a cliff or slope.  However often the rocky cascades in rivers can be considered waterfalls as well, because it rock causes the water to fall over it, creating an agitation.

A waterfall does not necessarily create erosion to the cliff. The water is flowing over a hard surface which does not erode very quickly. Over time, the water will take bits of dirt and rock from the wall behind it, creating a “rock” house after thousands of years. Eventually the top of the waterfall will collapse into the water below, because the rock under it is not strong enough, adding a new shape and dimension to the waterfall.  Water is such a powerful force, that it does remold landscapes and create the shape of our planet. A Garden Waterfall will bring a natural element into you setting, allowing you to enjoy the power of water!

A plunge pool is the water at the base of a water fall. This is usually fairly deep because the water has been slamming down into it for a very long time. The water creates a strong agitation as it hits the rocks bed, slowly chipping away at the bed, making it deeper.  The water that plunges over the cliff may seen shallow or slow moving, but do not be fooled, the water there is extremely powerful, and can sweep you right of the edge.

Should that event occur, experts suggest to hold your breath and try to push yourself as far from the cliff as you can. Make yourself straight, hands over your head, with your feet towards the river.  Our suggestion is to not get too close to the falls, but simply take in the beauty from the ground!

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