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 This cascade waterfall, the Langfoss or Langfossen, may be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The width of the fountain is 250 feet, and spills down the mountainside for 2000 feet before joining the Akra Fjord. Full of lush green fauna in the summer, the mountain becomes a slippery slope during the winter. This waterfall is the fifth highest in Norway, and among the tallest in the entire world. Some may argue against this because it is a cascade waterfall, and not a plunge, but visitors to the site are more concerned with the awe inspiring sight!

Located in Fjaera, in the municipality of Etne, this are contains about 4,000 people and is a popular tourist site in the summer. Besides the waterfall, the area is known for its country markets and fishing festivals. The land opposite the waterfall has visitor kiosk, where visitors can be seen, necks strained, to take in the magnitude of the fountain.

The water that cascaded over the mountain creates a rich froth from top to bottom. The large rocky outcroppings create interesting water patterns, and would create a quick end to a foolish attempt to extreme white water raft on these falls. A few of these ledges even have small frail conifers that have managed to root and grow with the abundance of water. On both sides of the falls, the rocks move aside to led conifers fill in, creating lush and picturesque view.

Langfoss is one of the few waterfalls in Norway that has manages to escape utilization in the form of Hydroelectric Plants. These plants divert the water from the falls, taking away the full power of the falls. It continues to flow in its natural state, and continues its work of slowly eroding the mountainside!

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