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The Skidmore Fountain has a unique story. A man named Stephen Skidmore, a druggist, who came to Oregon in a covered wagon, left $5,000 in his will, for a fountain to be built in Portland in his name. The idea was to provide a source of water for “horses, men and dogs”. Skidmore had visited Paris years earlier, and was entranced by the beauty and elegance of the city, and desired for his fountain to be modeled of the Parisienne style. The fountain was a tribute to his desire.

An interesting note about the Skidmore fountain was that it was thought to be far too elegant for a backwards frontier town. The idea was then put forth, by a local beer brewer, to pump beer through the fountain at its dedication ceremony, for free. This offer was graciously declined by the commissioner. However, visitors did partake in the fresh cool water, drinking from tin cups that hung from the lions heads carved into the base of the fountain.

You can visit this beautiful fountain, located in historic Old Town Portland, the centerpiece for the Portland Saturday Market! This is open every weekend from March through December.