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There are plants being cultivated and sent from Yunnan or the Rockies, as well as new garden water features being designed, but the idea of constructing  and the methods of maintenance  have not changed from generations ago when the idea of rock gardening was created. Therefore the effects of today’s cultivation are no more superior to what was done previously.

You can find inspiration and directions in the writings of  two men that pioneered this craft.  Two such treatise about the "Alpine Flowers for English Gardens," by William Robinson, printed by John Murray, London, 1870 and "Les Plantes des Mon tagnes et des Rochers," by Henri Correvon, printed by Octave Doin & Fils, Paris, 1914.These two founders have noted important steps and directions to successfully use this type of gardening.

There is a need for more types of plants for these gardens, as well as information of where to get them. There are dealers in Europe where plants are readily available for alpine gardening, but in America these plants are hard to keep alive and found to be perishable. Seeds can be imported from Europe, but few gardeners have the patience to turn these seeds into plants.
Therefore, it is time for attention to be made to our own mountain flora and study these treasures, and cultivating these to be demanding plants. When deciding if you want to bring a rock garden into your setting, there are many things you need to decide. This type of garden is popular and had many incentives to offer. Be sure to consider the obstacles that come with planting a rock garden as well.

The expense will be your primary concern. Bedsides formal gardens that involve heavy grading, a rock garden is the most expensive type of garden. This process requires much thought, dedication, planning, and mechanical effort. It may seem like disproportionate cost, but many can be maintained without difficulty. A rock garden must be planned carefully with the proper materials, in order for it not to just go back to nature, creating an unsightly area.

There is a price to pay for a rock garden; the question is if you are up for challenge! You need to understand the plants and the materials needed, not only for the constructions, but for the daily maintenance or upkeep. The building of this garden requires more skill and more equipment than a regular garden does. The few examples of this garden technique in this area is a testament to the lack of understanding about this skill.

The planning is difficult on its own, but it is also difficult to find laborers who can do this work. The usual methods of gardening must basically be forgotten when it comes to rock gardening. It involves learning new ideas and methodology, expecting unforeseen issues and expenses as well.

The first issue is location. Rock piles may be existing anywhere in your lawn, and foster weeds. This view is not artistic or beautiful, even though they are naturally formed in nature.  However it is best to place a rock garden where rocks would form naturally, as it would be a folly to drag rocks into an area where they are not existent.