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One of the more famous waterfalls in Norway, the Mardalsfossen Waterfall is located in the valley of Romsdal and is within the small city of Nesset. This waterfall is 2,149 feet tall. It features a series of cascades and sheer drops; the longest single drop is 975 feet. There are other numbers out there regarding the height of this fountain, which is a result of not being totally sure where it begins or ends, and if the falls should be counted as one waterfall since it is broken up by the cascades.

Unfortunately, the Mardalsfossen has been succumbed to the building of a Hydroelectric Plant, set further back then the falls. The plant was built during the 1970’s through the controversy stirred up from environmentalists. Arne Ness, the founder of the Norwegian Deep Ecology movement, actually tied himself to the falls hoping to stop the construction. Deep ecologist believes that taking the water away from the forest was infringing on their natural right to exist as nature created them too.

The water fall still flows at full power from mid June to mid August despite this re-channeling. Tourist flock to this area during this time of the year to take advantage of this powerful waterfall at its capacity. It is also enjoyed by many people to come to the falls earlier or later in the year to view the water volume changes as the dam opens or closes.

Waterfalls in Norway are fed through the steady trickle of snow melt that occurs higher up in the mountains. This flows much heavier in the early spring as the weather warms and the snow melts. The Mardalsfossen falls into the lake Eikesdalsvatnet.

The falls are about 80 feet wide, but seem to be much thinner when flowing against the massive cliffs over which they fall. The tiered falls, with the upper being slightly to the right of the lower, creates stunning pictures. There is normally a light mist that rises as a result of the cascades from the lower fountain. The dark grey cliffs provide a stark contrast to the white gushing water as it falls over the side of the mountain. The mountain features lush fauna on either side of the fall.

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