Adding a Water Feature to A Pond

If your property has the wonderful feature of a pond, whether natural or man-made, a pond fountain will make the experience even more enjoyable. Fountains have many positive benefits for small lakes and ponds. A pond fountain is an amazing experience, and one that will add beauty as well as many other positive aspects.

The benefits of adding a pond fountain to your setting, besides the beauty, is the power of water. A fountain, whether floating at the surface or submerged, actually helps the water. The water feature sends water high into the air, and when it falls back into the pond it adds oxygen to the water, helping all the animals that live under the water. It also helps clean the water by keeping it moving.
Providing oxygen to the water is important. Depending on the size of the pond, you may need the submerged and floating types. Surface fountains come in a variety of spray patterns, allowing them to be low key or vibrant and large. If the pond is large, adding more than one fountain will help to properly aerate the water.

A pond fountain will help to maintain the ecological benefits of a pond, and should be used as a part of your water management for the pond. If the water is properly aerated, then the living space for the fish grows, as well as helping to dispose of waste at the bottom of the pond from the fish and plant life. Proper aeration will also allow for reduced stratification of temperature zones, allowing fish to thrive throughout even the deepest parts of the pond.

The outdoor fountain helps the pond to be evenly oxygenated. Otherwise it may become overly oxygenated at the top and the lower level may become a dead zone. The bottom of the pond needs oxygen in order to dispose of the wastes that fall to the floor of the pond; if this bacterium is not disposed of then it can actually be detrimental to the pond and all the life that resides in it.
A pond will also help to improve your curb appeal. It adds a soothing backdrop to the setting, as well as provides relaxation and entertainment. You can add other accessories as well to add to the appeal of your pond. Underwater lighting creates a unique appearance for the water as it falls from the fountain and ripples over the surface. Adding colored lights creates an even more dramatic experience.

Often, to make a water feature work in a pond, and electrical source must be added to the pond. You could consider those that run on a battery to make installation easier. Solar powered fountains are also becoming a popular choice. These can be installed anywhere where there is sufficient sunlight, as they do not need plugged into an electrical source. Solar panels can be built into the fountain on the water, or they can have a remote location where a wire connects the panel to the fountain. Although a wire is still required, your homes electric source is not. This is a great way to make your pond energy efficient as well.

Pond Fountains have a lot of added benefits to the ecosystem of your pond, and should be considered. They are also a beautiful and exciting water feature for your setting. They will turn and ordinary pond into a dramatic watery display!