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When creating an outdoor living room, the addition of a water feature, whether it be a fountain or pool or pond, has long been included in the makeup of the space. A water pool provides a soothing and stunning accent for your living space. The clear crisp water mixed with the mirror-like surface creates a delightful addition to your setting. A garden pond filled with exotic water lilies is a simply stunning view. The addition of fish into the pool can provide entertainment and enjoyment. Adding water to your setting will create a tranquility and coolness for your setting. Placing an attractive pool or fountain in the midst of your outdoor space will add beauty, interest, and charm. Adding a seating option nearby creates the perfect place to just sit back and relax!

The key to creating a garden pool is considering important characteristics of design and construction. Make sure your pool is in accordance to proper shape and character. If your room is a formal scheme, consider a pool that is round, square or geometric shaped. This ensures harmony with the design of the space. Using an irregular shape or informal design will look out of place in a formal setting. These informal pools should be in natural settings, and do best when kept out of the center of the setting. An outdoor pool should have plenty of margins left free of plants to allow you to walk right to edge of the water.

Enclosing your Space:
Adding dimension to your setting can be done by creating an enclosed space. You can add a shelter, arbor, or arch to gain more height or dimension for your setting. All of these come in many different forms to meet the needs of your space. To determine the type most suitable for your outdoor living space is determined by the space available, the character of the space, and the personal desires and needs of the owner. And Arch or arbor is great to create the illusion of an enclosed space, because ivy, perennial flowers or vines can be trained to grow over and up, creating a nicely shaded spot. These are great tools to use for an entrance accent. A pergola is another great shelter idea that creates a wonderful place to set patio furniture to create a room that is enjoyable for the whole family. This is an especially good idea when the garden room is located a distance away from the house. These are simple ideas that can be used to turn an outdoor space into an outdoor living room.