Adding Color to An Existing Garden with Containers

You may have an existing garden with shrubs, trees and other plants that has either ran away on its or maybe has not been maintain properly by a previous owner.  These green and brown un-landscaped areas may be the one thing that keeps you from spending time out in your garden.  It is time to turn it into a garden that was colorful and inviting for you and your garden guests. 

You should first  remove the unwanted shrubs and other plants, you should spend some time learning about the plants that are in your garden. There are many plants that like the sun or are more fond of the shade.  These same plants may need watering everyday, but you may not have the time to spend an hour each day watering them.  Spending the time learning about your plants will help you decide which plants should go or stay.  In the event that you have decided to remove certain plants, but don’t want them to go waste, you can place an ad on Craigslist or your local newspaper and give away the plants for free.  Many people would love to recycle your unwanted greens.

Once you have the area ready, you should consider which containers will emphasis your existing garden, or will maybe distract the eye from your existing plants. Planting boxwood, juniper and cypress shrubs in the area we cleared will allow for an area that you want to reuse the existing garden.  These containers will work in your existing garden as they will provide a backdrop with lots of foliage and greenery. The next thing will be to prepare a ground plan of the garden.  It is important when working on an existing garden to write on the site plan the location of the containers, along with the existing trees, shrubs and other plants.  Next, it will be important to decide what you will use as an outlining for the general shape of the garden. Small pebbles or bricks make an excellent choice for creating an outline for your garden.

Using vibrant color containers of various height and dimension will help create dimension in even the smallest landscape.  The addition of garden planters, urns, and bowls in various sizes and shapes can help you create a simple, modern look or an English garden right in your back yard. If you are looking for a stunning focal point, glazed blue containers and planters can be found in variations of Riviera blue, antique blue and even falling blue.  Add a pop of fire red plants or yellow green gives dull area a beautiful pop of color.

We planted purple and white impatiens in the round and square Caribbean blue containers. We arranged the containers on the pebbles that outlined the front side of our garden. The containers enabled us to add height to low growing plants. We found the Rivera blue containers came in a selection of shapes and heights perfect for the backside of our garden.  We filled the containers with shades of pink and purple flowers and arranged them on the pebbles that outlined the back of the garden. We needed to find the right color and size of containers to outline the sides of the garden.  The Caribbean blue containers and falling blue urns were perfect and offered a wide selection of sizes.  We also used the fire red and yellow green containers. We filled them with an assortment of white, pink, and purple flowers. 

Spending a weekend working on your garden and purchasing containers create a place you can relax and simply enjoy the garden. Adding a cast stone patio table or benches gives you a place to enjoy  your beautiful new garden.