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Adding a lightning feature to your pond will add a wonderful accent. Perfect for entertaining guests during summer evenings, the lightning will allow you to enjoy your water garden longer in a day. Watching a pond at night, can be a completely different experience than watching it during the day! There are many different types of lights you can get for your pond, you just need to know what effect you are looking to create!

Make sure you take some time and plan out where you want to place the lights in your pond before you go to the store. Because water and electricity do not go together, you want t have a good grasp on where your outlets are located and how much power expenditure is involved. It is not a good idea to use extension cords, we never recommend that. It would be much more beneficial and safer to have an electrician install outdoor outlets.
If you have beautiful koi fish or stunning water lilies, the use of underwater lightning can really highlight them. Underwater lightning is normally a 12 volt halogen lamp, relatively safe for you water garden. The lights should always be attached to a transformer that is marked for outdoor use. Always make sure to check that your transformer is for outdoor use, as some will not be created for outdoor and underwater usage.

Solar Technology offers a wonderful alternative to keep electricity out of your pond. Solar lights are a wonderful choice, because they are much more common today, and need no unattractive cords or wires!
Floating pond lights may be another option for your pond. These lights will absorb the sunlight all day, and then a sensor will turn them on. They create a pale blue or soft white light. You will have to do some research to see how long the solar lights will hold their light in the evening, as some will only last for a few hours. It simply depends of the quality of the product.

Colored lights can also be a fun and exciting feature for your setting. Finding lights with replaceable lenses will surly add a dramatic touch. This will create a fantastic effect for your entire garden setting.
You may also want to consider illuminating your landscape. Use solar lights to line a pathway, or illuminate a seating area so you can see where to sit, and make sure there are no frogs or snakes in your seat!

You can also set off the landscaping surrounding your pond.  Place solar powered lanterns along a path that will lead you out to the pond so you don’t trip over yourself on the way there.  Illuminate seating so you can make sure you aren’t going to sit on bugs, snakes or even a local raccoon.

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