Adding Statuary to an Outdoor Garden or Landscape

Adding statuary to a landscape is a popular garden tool. A finely placed statue creates a stunning focal point. The great thing about statues is that they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and themes. They become a way to draw the eye to a specific are, as well as creating a specific atmosphere, a place for your garden guests to relax and unwind. Statues should be a reflection of your personality, and they should blend in with the garden setting. Choosing a statue that is too small will not stand out again the rest of the garden features, but a statue that is to large can block the view of other beautiful sites. 

You can give your statues an aged appearance if your setting is established and aged. To create the moss appearance mix together one part clay, one part fresh chopped up moss, one part diluted fish emulsion, and three parts water. This solution can then be painted onto the statues. The moss will stay here, and begin to grow, as the fish emulsion will feed the moss. You do not want to overcrowd your setting with too much statuary. It would be better to choose one statue as the focal point for a specific section. A statue that is 6 feet tall is a good size if your space permits, as this will allow the statue to stand out in the setting. Creating a flower bed around the statue is a lovely landscaping trick to make the focal point truly enchanting. You may want to add a bench nearby to create a relaxing place to sit and reflect. 

We offer a wide variety of Asian influenced statuary that is perfect for the Asian inspired garden setting. Adding a few pieces like a pagoda, a Buddhist temple, or foo dogs and dragons make perfect accessories to this style. Make sure you only add enough to create the setting, you do not want to over accessorize. Adding Asian style plants to the setting will add to the theme. Cherry and plum trees are very decorative, and produce a visual treat as well. Flowers like chrysanthemums, orchids, bamboo, and lotus are all species that will add to the overall appeal of your Asian theme. A religious part of the garden is the perfect place for meditation and reflection, making a nice spot to escape from the worries and stresses of everyday life. We offer a great selection of the virgin Mary, particular saints, and religious figures. These should be placed in an area that is quiet. Consider placing them in a location with well groomed grass for praying or just sitting and thinking. 

You can also choose to group specific statues together to create a unique focal point. Create a gnome village with our selection of gnomes, gnome homes, and gnome features. Grouping these features together will create an exciting focal point for all who view it. If you are an animal lover, the wide varieties of animals we offer are sure to meet your needs. Whether it is to remember and celebrate a lost pet, or to add a playful touch, an animal statue is an endearing touch. Perhaps a mythical setting is more your décor. Dragons and fairy’s and elves are sure to add a whimsical touch to your setting. We offer many to choose from, whether you choose one to stand out as a focal point, or add a selection around your garden setting for unique and exciting surprises all over! 

Enjoy the beauty a statuary focal point or scene will bring to your garden setting. These exciting pieces will help give you the garden look that you have been hoping for.