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The first step is to dig out an area in your yard where you wish to place the fountain, the pump box, and the electrical lines and water. Mark off the decided area where the fountain will be placed. Be sure to dig the water trench deep enough to keep it from freezing during the cold months. 

After this is completed, you are ready to install your fountain. Be sure to follow the instructions very carefully, and you will shortly enjoy the beautiful fountain your time and efforts will create!

Enhance the Area:
After the fountain is in place, it is time to “dress up” the surrounding area. By adding rocks and plant to the area, you will enhance the landscape as well as the fountain. Surround your fountain will well chosen rocks that will separate your fountain from your landscape, creating a focal point. Choosing and adding beautiful foliage around your fountain will also boost the landscape, a step just as important as the fountain installation itself. 

It is important to consider if the fountain will be in the shade or in direct sunlight. This will help you choose plants that are right for the area. You do not want the plants to take away from the beauty of the fountain, but enhance the fountain, keeping the water feature as the focal point.

Ornamental Grasses and Ferns: The addition of these types of plants will add stunning texture to the area of your fountain, helping to draw the viewer’s eye to the fountain!

  1. Herbs: These also add a wonderful texture to your area, while they also are beneficial to your cooking, and add a great fragrance to your garden setting.
  2. Choosing Plants: Be sure to plan the plants you want add based on the sunglight of the area. You do not want all your plants to die, as this is a bif waste of time and money. Sales clerks at greenhouses and garden shops will be able to give you pointers on the right types of plants for your setting.

Enjoying your Creation:
Sit back, relax, and take in the beauty you have created! Add a few chairs or a patio set nearby, and create an outdoor room for your enjoy, host a party, or just relax after a long day!