An Eye Catching Fountain: Four Rivers Fountain

Pope Innocent X, who took over after the death of Urban VIII, wanted a more noble creation for the Piazza Navona, including the Four Rivers Fountain, because he had a home there. He wanted the creation of a fountain in the center of the square. It was to draw water from the Aqua Vergine, and be very large. In order to understand the importance the Pope had in mind for this fountain, it is helpful to consider how much water this would take from the Trevi Fountain. Therefore Pope Innocent X intended to transfer the water display of the Aqua Vergine to this new residence to make the Trevi Fountain seem like less of an importance. Innocent X also allowed Francesco Borromini to direct the work on the new conduits, the direct rival of Bernini. The pontiff also had the leading architects in Rome create designs with the present obelisk at the center of the fountain, all of this was done without consulting Bernino.

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