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In one of Rome’s most beautiful mansions, the Palazzo Venezia,  sits a majestic courtyard. The Palazzo Venezia is famous for its oasis like courtyard, with its little fountain springing up! 

The garden appears just like an oasis, featuring dense and tall motionless palm trees that surround the charming fountain that creates a soft and tranquil trickle of water. This location is the perfect place to find peaceful quietness and total relaxation. 

The pathway if overhung with myrtle, and features four statue of children which hold shields of which have the names of the four famous Venetian conquests. (Cyprus, Dlamatia, Morea, and Candia) The statues stand at intervals along the long stone bench. There is a small shallow lake, where goldfish swim happily along amongst the plants, as their travertine brothers spray water from their mouths. 

In the center of this pond, leaning against a cluster of rocks, stands three happy and lively tritons. Their tails are in the water, and with sheer strength, hold up the double shell above them. The city of Venice stands on the shell, with her cloak and the pointed hat of doges, she throws a golden ring of water in the traditional “Marriage of Venice to the Sea." A winged lion of St. Mark sits at her feet on one side, while a jovial cherub clings to her flowing robes on her other side, as he clutches an unfurled scroll featuring Latin text.

The text reads, “The Ambassador Barbon Morosini seeing the residents of this palazzo and of those nearby suffering from a scarcity of water -- a supply already provided first by Pope Alexander VIII and then by Benedict XIII -- diverted this water from the Trevi conduit and erected this fountain in the Year of the Lord 1730."


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