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Birdbaths are an attraction for many different types of birds.  They bring birds to your garden especially during the summer and drought periods. Often, fresh clean water is very hard for birds to find.  Having a birdbath in your garden or yard will make a bird’s day, offering them a fresh drink and bath.  Many times, baby birds are brought to birdbaths.  Providing a reliable source of water year round, bird baths will actually attract more types of birds than even bird feeders. What many people don’t know is that birds such as wrens, catbirds and waxwings who eat insects or fruit won’t visit bird feeders.  So in addition to attracting bluebirds and robins, you will also attract birds that even your feeder will not bring for a visit. Birds splashing in your birdbath will also attract other birds and increase the types of birds that will pay you a visit.

A traditional birdbath is often composed of concrete or glazed terra cotta.  Often in two pieces, a base and a bowl, birdbaths are easy to put together and enjoy in no time at all.  When in two pieces, the bowl often has an indentation upon which the bowl will sit and “lock” in to keep the bird bath together.  The good part about birdbaths is that they are very versatile and can be found to be very plain or also very decorative.
There are very thing to consider when looking for the perfect birdbath for your outdoor area.  Birds like to have a place to perch when they arrive.  Birdbaths should always be shallow enough to avoid the risk of birds drowning.  Most birdbaths are manufacturer with this in mind, but in the event that they are not, frequently check the water levels after large rain storms to make sure you water levels are appropriate.  If you prefer a much lower maintainer method, you can place clean stones inside the bowl, this will also allow birds to perch inside of the birdbath and not just on the edge. Birds sometimes have what is referred to as binocular vision and have poor depth perception and will not visit a birdbath if they are concerned it is too deep for their safety.  Adding clean rocks or stone inside of the birdbath can provide a safe haven for even these types of birds.  You can also lean a stick of flat rock against the birdbath rim, creating a ramp for birds to gradually enter the water.

Birds like birdbaths that are in a location free of predators such as cats.  Having an open location where birds can see the surrounding area is also very important.  Once the feather and wings of a bird are wet, they have a difficult time flying, so providing about two feet of open space around a birdbath allows them to see danger and enough time to escape if necessary.

It is important to keep in mind that your birdbath will require regular maintenance.  This can be as simple as a daily quick refill or wash, but will depend on the composition of the birdbath. There are adverse effects on a birds’ health when they drink water that has excrement, algae, or fungi so fresh water if very important. One of the most important things about birdbath placement is putting in an area when you can see it from indoors, viewing animals enjoying your birdbath will make it very worthwhile and the sight of it will provide you, as well, with a splash of happiness.