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This charming fountain sits a the lower edge of the least inhabited continent in the world: Australia. The falls sit in the middle of a land filled unusual creatures and high mountain lakes, rarely, if ever, visited by humans. It is the tallest water fall on the continent at 2,744 feet tall, and it spills into Doubtful Sound. This is a fjord that was carved out by glaciers moving between the mountains. Doubtful Sound is the deepest fjord in Fjordland National Park.

The Browne Falls is fed from above by a tarn, which is a mountain lake or pool. When the tarn becomes full, after the seven meter annual rainfall, it spills over the mountainside just like an overflowing sink.

Doubtful Sound contains two separate layer of water, making it very unique. This is so because it is fed from two sources, the ocean and the freshwater that flows from waterfalls. The underlying layer features cold heavy ocean water, and the top is the light freshwater that is much warmer. This unique formation is what allows for the interesting creatures that reside here.

Some of the wildlife includes about 60 bottle nosed dolphins who call the fjord home, crested penguins, and New Zealand Fur seals, who look adorable as they sun themselves on the rocks. There is also a species of deep sea Black Coral that grows in relatively shallow depths in the fjord.

Browne falls is difficult to get to. Access into the park is limited to a highway that runs east to the Anau. To the south of the Anau is a smaller road that links to the Lake Manapouri, and from here there is a road that links to Doubtful Sound. You could also consider catching a ride on the hunting helicopters or a small airplane. There is also a marina in Milford Square where you can take a boat. Often times the dolphin pod will come out to interact with the boat!

There are two other falls worth mentioning in Doubtful Sound, the Helena Falls and Lady Alice, along with many others that make up the fjord.

The waterfall of Browne Falls takes on a zigzag shape as it cascades down the mountain. It appears to be a little more than a stream, at its 40 foot width, especially when looking at the panorama of the cliffs. Yet when looking at the fountain, it looks stunning in the midst of the rich vegetation growing all around it.

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