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Each year there is a short ceremony to mark the opening of the Spring and Summer season, and unleash the water through the Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain. The Portland Water Bureau is acknowledged for its stewardship to the city and this amazing fountain.

The fountain features a natural aesthetic, homage to the many naturally forming waterfalls in the area. Full of exciting terraces and platforms, this fountain is a wonderfully meeting place and retreat for Portlanders every Spring!

In the mid-1990’s a major renovation for the fountain occurred, costing almost three-quarters of a million dollars, the renovation was done to address structural and aging issues of the fountain.  The Bureau also fine tuned the pump and motors of the fountain, reducing the energy consumption by 17%.

This fountain makes wonderful weekend retreat for the citizens and visitors of Portland, but as always, be careful! An interactive as this fountain is, it is easy to get carried away. Remember there are slippery edges, and high drop-offs, so always pay attention as you enjoy the playful nature of this captivating water feature!