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There are many different types of trees to choose from, with many different shapes and sizes.  These variables make certain trees very suitable for specific purposes. Lombardy Poplars only spread a few feet, and grow in a tall column like shape. Placing a few of this in a row provides ample shade for a bench or a group of chairs without taking up a lot of space. Plant a single tree to cover up an unsightly pole. You can use a fair to frame a specific focal point or entrance.

An Elm tree features a vase like shape with high branching, so it is a wonderful choice when foliage high in the air in needed. Use this tree to frame a house on the side where the outdoor living room is. Plants also grow well under Elm’s as the sun is able to get through their foliage during the day. 

Low spreading trees offer dense shade, but can kill the grass or plants growing underneath. You can make an apple tree branch to the grown by heading it low. Norway Maples have a tendency to branch to the ground as well, and often look best this way, but this usually requires too much space. Smaller trees make great told for building a living border. Flowering Crab Trees, cherries, Plums, Russian Olives, Red Bud, and Dogwood are all wonderful examples of trees to sue for this purpose. These trees all have ornamental value as well, creating beautiful focal points for your garden wall. 

It is not advisable to set many different specimens in the lawn area of your outdoor room. Try to tie the grouping of trees together by confining them to beds surrounding your room, to create a cohesive and elegant look. 

Some trees look best when planted as a group, and others look best planted by themselves. Some trees should also be planted a lone so they will not interfere with other trees. Others have a natural affinity to members of their species and do better together. 

A popular question when it comes to trees is how fast or slow they grow. Trees like the Poplars, Silver Maple or Tree of Heaven grow quickly provide fast shade, but after a few years they are not as attractive for the outdoor room, when compared to the more handsome slow growing trees. 

It is much easier to obtain a tree that is 6-8 inches in diameter that it was years ago. Tree moving machinery allows you to transport larger trees easily and at a relatively low cost. This saves the time it takes to produce a slow growing tree for your outdoor room. You can create the perfect view and have shade all at once! This is the perfect solution for those who can afford to have it done!