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Selecting a water feature for your backyard can be on of the biggest decisions you make for your landscape.  Ranging in materials, size and style, choosing your fountain can be simple when you think of a few simple ground rules.

When deciding to add an outdoor garden fountain to your landscape, you first need to determine if you want the water feature to simply be an accent to your already existing landscape or if you want the fountain to become the center piece, tying in additional landscape you are looking to add.  Adding a fountain to an area that is already overly landscaped can make the area look overly done and very uninviting.  You may need to spend some time de-cluttering your outdoor space before placing a fountain.

Wall water features are perfect for adding a water feature to both empty backyards as well as an existing landscape décor.   Placed against an empty fence, wall water features or waterfalls can add the perfect sense of elegance.   With back pieces ranging up to 70 plus inches tall, flat backed wall features can take up as much space as you need or as little space as you need.  The Echo fountain by Campania International is the perfect piece to place against an entrance way to a garden door, or looks perfect when used to flank your planted area.

Tiered fountains are a perfect choice for drowning out unwanted sounds such as neighbors or traffic.  As water flows from tier to tier, the sound of flowing water increases.  This will not only create a beautiful scene, but will also help alleviate undesirable sounds.  Tiered fountains are also a wonderful choice if you are looking for a classical water feature.  Whether it is a baroque style, or a Parisian creation, tiered fountains are known to be a classical choice when adding a water feature to your garden.  If you are looking for a tiered fountain to be the entire focal point of your garden, a larger commercial size fountain with a basin may be the best selection for you.  It is always advised that you hire a landscaper to help installer a commercial size fountain.

If you have limited ground space in your garden, whether it be taken up by beautiful brick pavers or wonderful green landscaping, then you should be looking at wall fountains.  Wall fountains can add a simple serene feature to outdoor wall.  Ranging from fiberglass or cast stone, wall fountains are the perfect middle ground for a landscape.  They are also wonderful choices if you are uncertain if you want to spend the time caring for a fountain.  Wall fountains are a much smaller scale water feature that will give you the opportunity to see if you still want to add a larger fountain.

Water features can make or break an outdoor landscape.  Spend time analyzing your space before making a commitment to a certain kind of fountain.  Once your fountain is installed, you will want to enjoy all the sights and sounds that it will bring you for many years to come.