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After the cold chill of winter has passed and the warm breezes of spring are upon you.  You anxiously await the opportunity to bring color back to your garden.  While taking a visit to your local garden center to purchase beautiful, vibrant flowers to spruce up your flower beds, you stumble upon garden accessories that will complete your outdoor space.

With so many items to choose from, you finally find the perfect piece to complement your outdoor décor.  Once you choose the perfect piece, whether it be a simple piece of statuary, a bench to enjoy the views of your completed garden, a birdbath for your winged friends to play in, or a fountain to add the soothing element of flowering water, your next big choice lies in which patina to purchase to finish that perfect outdoor area.
Campania International, like many other cast stone manufacturers, offers many finishes for their cast stone collection.  Campania’s stains include three acid stains as well as eight exclusive water-based patinas. The unique and exciting part about Campania International’s patinas is the fact that they are hand applied by trained artisans.  The multi-step finishing processing allows each and every Campania piece to be a unique original. These patinas are applied to help create the look of materials that have aged naturally. This can help put you at ease that your cast stone pieces will look very  natural in any setting.  An important thing to note about Campania’s cast stone patinas is that they are designed to weather naturally in an outdoor environment.  While these patinas will not flake or peel, they will change color over time.  This creates a wonderful, heirloom piece that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The Acid Stains offered by Campania include Nera Nuovo (NN), Ferro Rustico Nuovo (FN) and Pietra Nuova (PN).  The Water-Based Patinas include Aged Limestone (AL), Alpine Stone (AS), Brownstone (BR), Copper Bronze (CB), English Moss (EM), Greystone (GS), Travertine (TR), and Verde (VE). 

These patinas will take on a different life depending on the design and texture of a cast stone piece. Alpine Stone is often a wonderful choice for pieces that have extraordinary detailing such as the Arabesque Planters.  The darker shades of the Alpine Stone collected in the detailing on pieces such as these. Finishes such as Aged Limestone also look wonderful on plain surfaces with detailing, but not as well on frogs or other animals.  Benches and Flat surfaces take very well and are complemented by finishes such as the Greystone patina.

With so many color choices, you may begin to feel overwhelmed. We’re here to help you determine which Campania patina will complement each type of Campania piece.  If you are still unsure which Campania patina is the best choice for the piece you have decided on, we would like to help you determine which finish may look best.  By calling or e-mailing us, we can help determine which we feel may be the perfect choice.  We would also like to note that often, the manufacturer photographs the pieces that they feel are the perfect fit, in addition, because each of the finishes are hand applied, and products photos are taken in a natural setting, colors may vary from what is shown.