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In the wide open world of glazed pottery there are many choices that allow you to select the perfect size, shape and of course color that will fit your container garden needs. The wide selection and choices make purchasing a glazed container a wonderful option for those who don’t want to be limited by a specific color or size. Of course when picking out your pot you need to consider where you are going to place this pot, the maintenance of properly caring for glazed pottery as well as the weight of the pottery you choose.

First things come first, and picking out a color is the biggest choice when looking for glazed pottery. Understanding the methods that go into the creation of glazed pottery is the first stop on your journey to choosing glazed containers. In simple terms, most pottery is either pressed out by a machine into the shape and then color is easily applied.  This process often limits the size and shape of pots you may be looking for.  One thing to keep in mind with this method is that there is a greater standing for a solid color.  The second option when it comes to glazed pottery is one that has been hand crafted, hand dipped into a color and then placed inside of a kiln to fire the color onto the pot.  This process often creates much greater variables since it is handmade and really depends on the individual working with the mold as well as the kiln the pottery is fired in.  This process does create variables in the coloring of pottery, but will give you a uniquely, handmade, work of art.  Consistency still exists in these types of pottery as many supplies have a team of inspectors that ensure a piece of pottery is within an acceptable range.

After a color is choosing, you will next want to decide where you will be placing the container. The variances in color should be something you keep in mind when deciding on a location. Reviewing the colors you have on your property or job site are important.  When looking for matches to darker colors, a charcoal gray or black may be the perfect choice for you.  Campania International has a selection of pottery that would fit this need and calls these colors Graphite and Cola.  Many people find that when they are looking for pottery they are actually looking for a statement piece. Many bright colors will bring a sense of enjoyment to your garden or landscape. Running colors are a good option for this fit.  These colors are often two different shapes of a same color family, mixed together to almost run down a most.  The beauty in these planters is one  you will sure find fitting if you are looking for a statement piece.  Especially on larger urns and jars, running colors are very striking.

The size and weight of glazed pottery can vary greatly.  Some larger pieces can weight over 100 pounds, so it is important to keep in mind the location you will want to place these pieces.  Some large pottery is often kept indoors as an accent piece at the entrance way to homes, or as a divider in backyards.  These pieces do need to be taken care of when left out in the elements in freezing weather, so it is important that you take this into consideration when pieces are on the larger side.

The beauty of pottery is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  To start out try a few table top garden terrace pieces that can be brought indoors or out, or placed on a patio table. Glazed garden planters can be a wonderful choice as long as you take the time to analyze your outdoor area and make an educated decision.