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 Outdoor Water Fountains in your Home: 
To install small to medium wall mounted or free standing water fountains, please make sure the outlet is once again a GFCI outlet.  If you choose to place your fountain in the center of your landscape or away from an outlet, you need to be aware of the restrictions and guidance determined by the National electrical Code, Section 650.58. If installing a GFCI outlet in the middle of your yard, please make sure you re aware of the rules, if the wire needs to be buried with PVC piping, the rating of the wire so it stands up against wet and freezing conditions, etc.  You also need to be aware of how deep the wire should be buried, it is always best to contact an electrician to make sure you are installing everything up to code.

Water Fountains with Commerical Use
Businesses that choose to add a water feature to their setting must be aware of the National Electrical Code rules applying to the location of the fountain.  Often a fountain that is within 10 of an electrical sign, the sign must be plugged or hard wired into a GFCI outlet. See NEC Section 650.57 (B), (C), and (D) for the full descriptions and details. Please always check with a local electrical contractor before ordering a fountain to ensure you have the proper connections installed to allow successful installation.

 General Tips for Water Fountain Safety::

  • Always make sure the fountain is set up near a GFCI outlet to avoid the need for extension cords.
  • Never place electrical cords under carpets, mats or other loose floor coverings as this causes pulling or tipping of the fountain.
  • Always use three pronged electrical plugs connected to a GFCI protected outlet.
  • Make sure to hang cords away from any fountain leakage so the water will not run into the outlet.
  • Place the electrical cord out of the way so children will not play or pets cannot chew on it.
  • It is always best to call a licensed electrical contractor before installing a fountain to ensure all national and local code requirement are met.