Creating Themes in your Water Garden

Create a water garden theme that reflects your own personality and style. There are many types of plants and flowers that add inspiration to your setting, whether you like bold and colorful style, or serene and tranquil setting!

An English Garden: This is a more formal setting, and often includes a wall or pedestal type fountain. Plant life would include shrub roses, boxwoods, and foxgloves. If you have a water garden, you may want to consider Victoria Amazonia, Anemone, or watercress. 

A Cottage Garden:  This is a casual style. Pedestal Fountains would make a wonderful water feature for this setting. Plant life to consider would be Phlox, lavender and hemerocallis. Water plants that would be suitable for this theme include azoles, Louisiana Iris, and water snowflake. 

A Native Garden: This style can be described as more wild and natural. A waterfall unit would be a wonderful addition to this setting. Allow your plant life to thrive on its own, keeping the native plants. Water plants to consider include Water Lettuce, Cattail, and hardy nymphea. 

An Asian Garden
 This garden setting features a serene and tranquil theme.  A bubbling urn fountain would add a soothing presence to your setting. Include terrestrial plants like juniper, bamboo, or the flowering plum/cherries. Aquatic plant to add would include the lotus, taro, or tropical nymphea.