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Curing your Pool
You newly formed pool, even after it has set for the period of 10-14 days, continues to release calcium into the water the first couple of times you fill it. The water in not fit for animals or livestock to drink sue to the alkaline nature of the water. This water is harmful to your plants, and dangerous to your fish. An uncured water lily pond will kill your fish immediately. An improperly cured pool will kill your fish slowly, but they will still die. Signs for alkalinity include the fraying and splitting of the tails of your fish, while their gills become enflamed. Review the following information about the myths and actually advice for curing you pond.

Advice given by casual gardeners to novices is that water lilies will not grow well the first year because it needs a year to “naturally mellow”. Once this occurs the lilies will do better, and once the followers are well established, the fish will thrive as well.

The problem with this myth is that is does have some truth. If you plant an uncured pool with a strong breed of lily, it will grow, but not well. It is also true that after the first season, the lilies may even bloom. This process, however, is the because of Mother Nature. Rain falls many many times over a season, replacing the pool water, eventually removing all the alkaline.

Although this method is not completely illogical, it is very tedious and takes an entire season. You do not need to waste an entire season when it is possible to cure your pool quickly, and then in a few weeks see the beauty your pond will create!