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This particular document is important, because it helps to show, that this fountain may have been the creation of della Porta. Della Porta, when designing the oddly shaped pools, always incorporated convex corners over concave corners, and the style of this fountain is not his normal style. However the two worn masks, part of the ornamentation,  do resemble the masks from the fountain from Villa Borghese and the Pantheon, both della Porta’s work. 

If you are familiar with the fountain in Piazza Campitelli, you should have noticed its odd positioning. It is placed in a corner, away from the church of Santa Maria, and apart from the two noble homes of the Capizucchi and Albertone families. These were the homes, evidently, of two out of the three noble families that requested and received permission to erect a fountain in front of their properties. 

When the beautiful church was enlarged and rebuilt in 1675, the water feature was moved from the center, to more convenient place. This was because of the churches changes, the water element would be sitting to close to the façade of the building, and would be an inconvenience to the daily hustle and bustle of the area. 
The convenient location was the spot where the fountain now sits. It overlooks the peaceful Via del Mare, with the beautiful Capitoline Hill making up its backdrop. The tranquil feel of this area was only a recent event, as the square used to be filled with people who got used to getting together at this square.