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Create a Design
There are many factors to consider when you wish to create a miniature garden. You must think about the position of the garden, the cost, the time needed, and the size and style you want to create.

Consider the placement of your plants before you begin putting a miniature garden together. Remember that not all plants can survive in any condition, and then not all plants can be placed together. Determine any extra measures that may need to be taken to keep your plants healthy and promote growth. These decisions will help you to pick out the correct plants.

Japenese Gardens can vary greatly in cost. The cost depends on the size of the garden, the plants your adding to it, and the ornamentation. The bulk of the cost will come from the plants, and depending on your funds you may be able to find innovative ways to cut the costs.

A Japanese garden does not need to be completed all at once, and you can slowly add to your mini-garden, as more time or money is available. If you do not have much time or money, choose slow growing plants, which require only regular watering to thrive. If you choose cheaper, faster growing plants, be sure to have plent of time for care and tending!

The precious factors all depend on the size of the garden you would like to create. Large gardens are often easier to design if your finding is available, while smaller gardens require much more planning and detailed effort.
A miniature garden ranges in size from an eggcup to a sink. They can be placed indoors or enhcance your outdoor setting. If you create a bird’s eye view, including hills, a river, a pagoda and trees, this can be done in a size no larger than an egg cup. If your design included a more comprehensive layout for a trough, it will require less time and efforts.

The Right Design
To create a good design, you will want to include simplicity, logical thinking, and reasoning. You need to be aware of the plants you are using and the elements which should be excluded. Think about the colors you are using, and the palette you are creating as you add plants and ornaments.

When aiming to recreate a model of nature on a small scale, you become the artist. Create a rough design on paper before you try to assemble the garden, so you have a plan. This plan will help you perfect your idea, while saving you time and money.