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A picnic is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone, not matter what age. Businesses and community groups are realizing how a picnic is a great option to build community spirit and fellowship among members. A picnic is also the common way of welcoming home our men in uniform, as well as these outings allow them to reconnect with their communities, make friends and connections, and give those that are off duty something to do. Many military encampments and bases are located near small towns with little place for recreation, therefore the picnic is an inexpensive and easy way to proved entertainment and enjoyment, making the soldier feel welcomed and at home. 

The community picnic is becoming a trend all over America. Many cities and towns have an annual community picnic or festival. This is usually a well planned function with activities that allow guests to have a fun time, and go home feeling refreshed and happy. A carefully planned and successful picnic can boost city morale; unify its members, creating a tighter and closer unit. A picnic needs food and entertainment to be successful. These next articles will address how to plan a successful picnic, whether it is for an entire community, a family reunion, or a school functions even. A picnic can be adapted to fit almost any demand, and is great for people of all ages. There are not set rules to throwing a picnic, but these suggestions should get you on the right track.