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Donating to a charity, whether it be your local church or other special cause, can be a wonderfully rewarding decision. Organizations that give back need people to be willing to donate in order to help others.  If you are looking for ideas for a charity/benefit, or already have one in mind, a garden benefit is a wonderful way to bring together people for a wonderful cause. We have gathered some wonderful ideas on what to choose for your donation.

A few examples of donation requests you may encounter include silent auctions, fundraising dinners, door prizes, draws, raffles, golf tournaments, church, school, or community events.

The first decision you have to make is whether to make the purchase yourself, or possibly contact a local manufacturer or garden center to see if they are willing to donate an item out of their inventory.

In the event that you have decided to contact your local garden center, you should be prepared to fill out a request form because many garden centers will only donate to certain projects or programs that best support their company values.  Many garden centers receive high volumes of donation requests and as a result, are required to make some hard choices in deciding which requests they will accept.  Having signage or marketing material from the local garden center will help their business.  Bring these items to the event to showcase their part in supporting the cause.  Garden Centers will love that you are willing to go the extra mile and will help bring other in the community to their store when they are looking to purchase their garden accessories.

After deciding how you are going to receive an item to donate, , the next step is to decide which cast stone garden accessory you want to donate.  Making sure the item is manageable for the organizer of the charity event/fundraiser is extremely important.  The item you should donate should be able to be picked up and displayed easily at the event. It is also important to keep in mind that many people will be visiting these charity events.  You choice should be an item that attendees can imagine putting in their outdoor living space, garden or even inside their home.  Bringing the outdoors inside can create a tranquil space for just about anyone, indoors or out.

Campania cast stone pieces make excellent choices for charity events because they are manufactured right in the United States.  These unique and special pieces are handmade and hand stained to order. An added benefit is the choice of patina.  Campania cast stone pieces can be ordered in natural, or in anyone of their 11 unique hand-applied patinas.  This hand application makes the pieces each unique, unlike no other.

Keeping size in mind, there are many options available for you to choose from.  Some excellent ideas  include small birdbaths, small garden statuary like animals, mythical pieces, Asian pieces and religious pieces.  Stepping stones, Mini Fountains, designed for the garden terrace or  perfect for inside the home or on a patio table), cast stone garden terrace pots and small imported glazed pots.  While the small terrace glazed pots are not manufactured in the United States, they make wonderful choices as their bright and colorful glazes will attract many.