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The idea of planting cuttings from growing trees in the most cost effective way of creating a Japanese Garden. They are fast to take on the desired appearance and require little special care to keep them healthy. They will give your garden the same visual effect as an expensive counterpart. Raiding cuttings in potting trays is an excellent way to create exquisite bowl gardens as low costs. Conifers, besides Tsuga, Cedar, and Pine, are all very easy to raise in this manner.

Dwarf Conifers
Almost all conifers have a dwarf variety that is slow growing. The value is determined by the number of years it has existed, becoming more valuable with each year. After about twenty years the conifer may only be five inches. A five year old conifer is considered best for a Japanese mini garden. You can also find ones that have a faster growing rate that are not so expensive. These can survive in poor soil, but must have good drainage. There are many varieties that can survive in formal gardens, natural gardens, or even garden with water!

Conifer Guide:
Here is a list of a few types of conifers:

  • B-Blue green or blue grey
  • D-Dark green
  • E-Emerald Greed
  • G-Gold, Bronze
  • L-Light Greed
  • S-Silver, Steel-green or grey
  • T-Yellows

Cypress, Chamaecyparis
-C.Lawsoniana (B)
-C. Lawsonian.aredensa (G)
-C. Lawsoniana.lutea nana (LG)
-C.Lawsoniana. minima glauca (B)
-C. obtusa ericoides (BS)
-C. obtusa caespitosa (E)
-C. obtusa. Flabelliformis
-G. obtusa. Intermedia
-G. obtusa. Juniperoides
-C. obtusa pygmaea (GL)
-C. obtusa tetragona minima
-C. obtusa. nana (E)
-C. obtusa. tetragona aurea (GT)
-C. pisiferafilifera aurea (G)
-C. pisiferafilifera nana (D)
-C. pisiferafilifera variegata (DT)
-C. pisiferafilifera plumosa aurea compacta Rogersii (LG)
-G. pisiferafilifera squarrosanana argenteus (BS)
-C. sphaeroides ericoides (SG)
-C. sphaeroides andleyensis leptoclada (EG)
Small Trees and Flowering shrubbery

Besides using conifers, there are many shrubs and dwarf trees varieties suitable for the sink type of mini-garden, they simply require some extra artificial dwarfing. Otherwise they would be unfit for the garden in about a year. These gardens are a visual treat, enhancing the indoor setting, and adding to the outdoor beauty!