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A fountain is a great accessory to incorporate into the design of your backyard. Fountain will upgrade the quality and appearance of your setting. A fountain will turn an ordinary garden into a garden refuge. A fountain offers a soothing escape from the busy world, viewing the falling water along with the tranquil sounds turns any setting into a special retreat. Placed at the end of walkway surrounded by gorgeous flowers, create a stunning focal point. You can design the perfect place for a fountain be adding screening plants as a backdrop, this will also provide your setting with privacy.

The first step in creating a backyard retreat is to choose a location for the fountain. Once you have the location chosen, choose a water feature that will fit into that space. Outdoor Fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from decorative wall fountain to stunning tiered fountains. If you have not purchased a fountain yet, you may consider looking into a solar fountain. This is becoming a popular feature, as they require no electrical cords to try and hid, and save electricity.  Choose one that suits the needs of your space, but also suits your own style.

The location of your fountain should be one that is quiet, away from traffic, play areas, or any high noise site. Consider placing a bench or glider near the site to add a place to sit and relax and simply enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of your fountain. A small table also makes a good companion, to enjoy a snack or some fresh lemonade. If the fountain is located away from the home, within several steps, creating a garden path is a good idea. A path will lead guests to the water feature. Consider a curving path, as this makes your landscape look larger. You can edge the path with beautiful low lying flowers or decorative rocks to create a charming walkway.

A fountain should not just be placed on a landscape, but it needs to be incorporated into the setting. Add plants and flowers to the area around the fountain so it becomes a part of the setting. Ground cover plants are a good idea for the base of the fountain, as these will quickly spread creating a lovely cover. If your fountain is located in a shady area, consider adding ferns. These do well in basically any soil, and thrive in shady locations. No matter what plants you choose to add, be sure to plant according to the amount of sun or shade the location gets, this will determine how well your plants will do.

When placing a fountain, be sure to consider the daily activities of your family. If the fountain has a basin of any kind, be sure small children cannot get access to it. This will avoid any potential drowning risks.

To create a more private setting for the area around the water feature, add a trellis with climbing plants. This will add a screen cover to the setting, perfect for cuddling up on a bench with a good book. You could also add planters to the setting to give the area the added effects of dimension with different heights in your vision line. Be sure to select plants according to your environment, planting foliage that is not adapted to your specific area can cause them to die of or grow poorly instead of creating immediate beautiful results.