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So you have returned from your favorite local garden center with your newest piece of beautiful ceramic pottery. Now you just need to find the perfect spot to place it.

The first thing you need to consider is the material the container is made of. Next you need to think about the location in which you live and the weather conditions. If you brought home a Polyethylene planter then you can rest easy and feel free to leave this piece out in all seasons. If you purchased a fiberglass or glazed piece you will need to do some winterizing if you live in a location where temperatures can drop near or below the freezing mark. These planters will need to be moved inside during freezing tempatures or winterized properly. The last weather issue you should considering before placing your planter in your landscape is called “crazing”. Crazing occurs on lower fire pottery, which is typically used with white color clay.  When this happens, small cracks will occur in the surface of the glazed portion of the pot.  This typically occurs during freeze and thaw weather conditions and generally only occurs or lower fired pottery.

Now that you have factored in Mother Nature into your decision you need to find just the right spot. You need to consider the size of the piece so that it doesn’t get lost in your décor or garden. This decision would be aided if you have a predetermined location before your purchase. But if you just purchased a container or planter because of the beauty of the piece, then it is time to consider just where you might place it.

Obviously you would keep earth tones in mind when developing a container garden or lining a deck or walk way. These rich colors blend in nicely while adding a level of sophistication to your outdoor setting. Another popular spot for planter is by the front or side door. This placement allows for a wider variety of color choices and will be in tune with your artistic side. Choose bright and vibrant colors for Spring to show off new blooms or more tropical ideas for an entrance to an outdoor oasis or beach home. During the  Fall and Winter think of seasonal colors like red, white, green or gray. These colors can show off holiday or seasonal door decorations and compliment the overall feel of a house or room you and your guests will be spending time in. Classical Terra Cotta colors or pottery is classy and lends itself perfectly to all seasons as well.

The other option for your new planter is inside the home. For indoor locations, you are mainly looking at larger statement pieces which are normally tall, slender and very colorful. The placement is usually at an entrance or in a grand hallway. These pieces really stand out and can compliment the feel of a home as well as the coloring. For planters inside your home you can also purchase a small container for bright and colorful centerpieces or herbs in a window sill. These often come in a great variety of colors that compliment any décor or color scheme.

The best part about glazed and ceramic containers it that the ideas are limitless.  Containers do not always have to be planted with flowers or greens, they can serve as a place to put your pens and pencils on your desktop, a place to put web umbrellas at the front door, or maybe even just a place to put those decorative branches with LED lights.  No matter which piece your choose, you simply can’t go wrong with ceramic pottery, no matter the location.