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Fall flowers are some of the most beautiful and delightful varieties. Each season offers their treasured blooms and they key to a good garden is having blooms throughout each season. Fall flowers need to be planted early in the season for them to be hardy and thrive. The following flowers are great flowers for fall.

The “mum” as they are often referred to as comes in many varieties, and not all of them are hardy. These are the flowers of fall, decorating porches, steps, and gardens. Mums, to be hardy in the fall, should be planted in the spring. Potted mums should be planted in the ground as soon as possible. Mums will need to be well watered and planted with mulch, and they should become hardy and be even more beautiful the following year.

The Helianthus, or the perennial sunflower, is another fall go to plant. The golden daisy-like flowers create a welcoming and friendly appearance. This lovely plant branches out over other plants, and attracts butterflies. This plant will need to be reproduced through division.

The goldenrod is often found growing in meadows and pastures, or along roads. They feature a bright yellow flower and typically are in bloom in late summer and early fall. Goldenrod has earned a bad reputation as a plant that causes severe allergies, unfortunately, the real cause of this plant was ragweed.

Sedum is a stunning and beautiful fall flower. This flower is known as “Autumn Joy”, and it will look beautiful all year long, it requires little care, and attracts few problems. Sedum is a necessity in your garden, the perfect fall flower!

Aster novi-belgii:
This plant, commonly called the Michaelmas Daisy, is a bright and cheerful flower, that comes in shades ranging from pink to purple to blue to white. They begin to bloom in late August and continue until the first frost. Be sure to pinch off the blooms in early summer to allow the asters to turn into stunning mounds with dozens of blooms.

Autumn Clematis:
The clematis is the best flower for fall if the fragrance is what you are after. The stunning white flowers that adorn the plant will stand out beautifully. These can be a rather aggressive and fast glowing vine, so be sure to keep on top of it, as they can grow to ten feet tall or more.

Russian Sage:
Russian Sage features a stunning bluish purple hue that adds contrast to the rich shades of autumn. It is a hardy plant, and creates a perfect picture with its flowers and foliage. This plant can grow up to five feet tall.

The Monkshood is a stunning shade of blue, and looks especially beautiful with the charming yellows and oranges of fall. These flowers seem to almost to shimmer against the bold fall colors. This plant will grow best in the shade in moist soil. They grow to 6 feet tall.

These flowers grow through the summer and into the fall. It comes in stunning rich yellows, reds, and oranges. There are even varieties that grow in two tones. Marigolds will grow to their full potential with they are planted in during the hot summer months. They love the full hot sun, and grow best in it!

Day Lilies:
Day lilies are a flower that prospers through spring summer and fall. It is great for fall because it will add height and contrast in color. The colors include shades from reds, pinks, purples, whites, and yellows. They thrive with very little attention, but grow best if kept watered and planted in soil that drains well. Also it is best to remove spent flowers to encourage the growth of more blooms.