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During the summer months, it is delightful to see a garden full of color! What bulbs should you plant to create the bold and bright colors you are seeking? The below flowers will give you quite a few options that will give you stunning blooms all through the summer months.

The Lilies:
Lilies come in many varieties and forms, and are the go-to plant for summer. They come in many different colors, and by planting a variety, you will find a nice mix of colors for your setting. The Oriental types are the most dramatic, featuring the star shaped flower and sweet and spicy scent. These flowers will grow best in full sun, and they need a well drained, but moist soil. These flowers grow rather tall, so they will often need staked to keep from falling over. You can also consider dwarf varieties, as these will grow to about one foot.

These flowers come in a range of beautiful colors from pinks to oranges to yellows, reds, and whites. The great thing about these flowers is that they come with beautiful foliage, so when the flower is not in bloom they still look stunning. These flowers will grow to about one foot tall. They can be planted in full sun or with part shade, and like moist soil. These flowers cannot tolerate cold environments, so it is best to dig them up and store them for the winter.

The dahlia is a versatile and stunning bulb for your garden setting. There are some species that only grow to a few inches tall, while others grow to more than six feet tall. These blooms will come in virtually any color of the rainbow. Some blooms are single flowers while others double blooms and some are more ornate quilled varieties. Dahlias grow best in full sun, with moist but well drained soil. They should be dug up in the winter for climates with harsh temperatures. They should be stored in a frost free place.

The gladioli offer a beautiful white flower with rich purple at their throat. They are very fragrant, and this is by far their best trait. The foliage is grassy, and also quite pleasant. They typically grow to about 3 feet tall. These flowers need to be in full sun, with a moist but well drained soil. These bulbs should be dug up and stored for the winter if the climate is harsh.

The canna is a dramatic bloom for your garden setting. Some varieties can grow to ten feet tall, but if space is an issue, there are smaller types that reach only two feet. The flowers appear to be tropical in nature, coming in shades of reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks. These flowers need to be planted in full sunshine in moist soil. If you live in a cold environment, these plants will need dug up and stored over the winter. Otherwise they should be treated as an annual.

The begonia is a beautiful shade loving plant. The flowers resemble roses, and they come in a wide range of shades. These flowers will also grow well in containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets. The flower is a great contrast to the dark leaves of the foliage. These plants will grow between 12-18 inches, and should be planted in full shade with moist soil. They will need to be stored in a frost free place for the winter.

The Oxalis, referred to as the Shamrock, features stunning clover shaped leaves and a rich purple shade. The flowers are small, coming in pink or white shades. These plants grow well in shade or sun, and do really well in containers. Make sure the plant has moist but well drained soil, and for cooler areas they will need to be dug up and stored for the winter.

Butterfly Ginger:
The butterfly Ginger is an exotic looking plant that can often be overlooked. It creates a wonderful clustr of flowers that range in color from white to apricot to pink and cream. It features tropical looking foliage and a sweet fragrant scent. This plant is great for bringing indoor through the cold months and using as a house plant, outside, they prefer full sun with well drained soil.