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When you run a business, one of the main worries is how to make your employees and guests feel relaxed and welcomed. Adding a fountain to your work space is becoming a popular method of achieving just that. An indoor fountain makes a great decorative feature for an empty wall or stand, while adding the soothing benefits of water in motion.

A work environment can be stressful and busy, full of many unpleasant noises or constantly ringing phones. These noises can be frustrating and cause anxiety. Sometimes there are noises in the workplace that are loud and startling; these types of noises are not conducive to an efficient workplace. Sometimes even the lighting in an office can be an irritant, and cause headaches and tension. A floor, wall, or tabletop fountain can be a positive factor for your office setting. Fountains provide sound, and this sound creates tranquility and a soothing touch, helping to cover up unpleasant and annoying sounds. Fountains help to alleviate stress; choose a fountain that suits the needs of your workspace, whether it is for sound or for decoration. Employees can work in a calming place, while customers and guests can enjoy entering a place that is comforting and welcoming.

Fountains also promote negative ions.  In this age of technology, with computers, phones, and other machinery, negative ions are omitted. A water fountain is a positive way to create negative ions which cleans up the air pollution in your work space.  Dust is attracted to negative ions, so the fountain is a great way to purify the space. A fountain is much better to look at and can often cost less than an air purifier. Indoor Fountains also make great humidifiers. If your work place has stale and dry air, a fountain can bring moisture. Purchasing a humidifier may result in an unattractive object that emits a loud sound, while a fountain is enjoyable to view and creates a soothing sound. A fountain will also not cause the buildup of mold or mildew. If your work space has indoor plants, the natural humidity in the air from the fountain will help those plants as well.

A fountain will bring a decorative touch to your work space. Often a work space includes bland colors and stifling feelings. A fountain is a beautiful accent that creates a fun water display that is perfect for creating a focal point. A fountain will make visitors feel welcome, and give them something to look and while they are waiting. Adding a fountain to your work space is not as difficult as it may seem. They also do not require a lot of time or maintenance. Most wall, floor, or table fountains come already assembled, so all you need to do is pull it out of the box and plug it into a wall. These fountains typically feature recirculating pumps as well so water will not need to be added frequently. The fountain will need to be checked periodically as the water evaporates. These fountains typically only require a few hours of maintence a month, making them perfect for even the busiest of offices.

The addition of a fountain is a great solution to solve so many of the issues that plague both employees and visitors to a work place. This will create a more comfortable and stress free environment, add a decorative focal point, and help to clean and purify the air! They are low maintenance, making them an easy and relatively inexpensive method of creating a positive work environment.