Fountain in the Colonna Arcade

fountain-at-piazza-collona-basin-detail-large.gifThe Colonna Arcade is a busy and chaotic place for a fountain. This area experience cars, motorbikes, and buses, and is swallowed up by the steps of the underpass that leads to the arcade which can by full of people arguing and shouting their ideas during election seasons. This little fountain is impossible to hear over the noise in the area, but this little fountain still works hard to be attractive and noticed by the passersby. 

This fountain is modest in size, when compared to the other fountain of Rome. The pool and elongated lips of the fountain are delicate and smooth. Crafted with portasanta marble, this fountain is said t be the most successful and spontaneous fountain of della Porta. This fountain is unique in that it lacks ornamentation and sculpture. Under the lip of the pool you will find 16 roughly sculpted lions heads. There are two dolphins as part of the fountain, over the basin with tails entwined in the shells sculpted by artist Alessandro Stocchi, these replaced the previous four small pyramids.

fountain-at-piazza-collona-closeup-large.gifThis was the extent of the ornamentation found of the fountain at Piaaza Colonna. The fountain was ordered and a contract was drawn up by a notary. The completion date for the fountain was two years after it was to be completed. It was also originally attributed to Bernini, when more studies went into Bernini, and it was determined that Bernini was not the creator, but Carlo Fontana was.
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