Garden Benches: Ways to Use them in Your Landscape

Garden benches are always a great addition, whether you place them in your backyard, front yard, or patio.  Most benches, seats, and tables are made out of cast stone.  Cast stone, also known as concrete, is a very durable, heavy material that helps make sure your benches can withstand extreme weather such as wind, rain or snow. 

Placement Ideas:
Placing a garden bench under a tree gives you and your guests an escape from the strong summer heat and sun rays.  Putting a garden bench near a water feature, also gives you a place to escape and enjoy the soothing, relaxing elements of a splashing fountain. An empty space in the front yard is the perfect place to put a bench.  While it may seem pointless to put a bench in the front yard where you most likely will never sit and enjoy it, cast stone benches are very aesthetically appealing and will welcome those who pass by. Don’t feel shy about placing a bench at an angle, moving benches around often creates a completely different look and feel to a landscape. Placing concrete benches around a circular fire pit are a great choice because they are able to withstand the high heat that an outdoor fire pit will emit.

Design Types:
Garden benches come in many different styles.  From a modern, natural bench that features branches of a birch tree to very classical scrolls and ridging. Deciding where you are going to place the bench is the first step.  This will help determine the style and shape of bench.  If you have a smaller area, you will want to find a bench that is shorter in width.  If you are placing a bench under a tree, the round lines of the tree trunk are best showcased with a curved bench top rather than a straight top.  The lines of an existing fountain in your outdoor area can also help determine the shape of  bench.  Straight clean lines of a fountain will look best when pair with simple, straight lined benches.  Classical tiered fountains can be accented very nicely when placed with a more intricately detailed bench.  Playful benches will feature animals and can be the one piece that you add to an area because they bring a solid focal point.

Accenting Benches:
Benches are not just a rest and relax place.  Placing a bench in your front yard as a garden décor item leaves it open to many possibilities.  Small animals, placed at the legs give a whimsical look that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.  Garden statuary that are often called “self” statuary are absolutely perfect for benches such as  the Small Cherub Statue, which can sit on the edge of bench and will invite others to enjoy the resting place.
When choosing a garden feature, a bench shouldn’t take much thought. 

No matter where they are placed, they bring visitors along to stop and enjoy all your time and hard work spent in the garden. Creating a design in the garden that allows for a bench can bring a great deal of future possibilities for your garden.