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The addition of any type of ornamentation can enhance the appearance of your miniature garden. Be careful not to overdo the amount of decoration you place into your garden. Items can be easily purchased and adapted to your setting, while you could also create ornaments with odds and ends you already have. Make sure the features you are included match the style of the garden you have created. Some features can be bought from shops that specialize in ornaments, but the prices are often rather high. It may be more prudent to create your own models. These can be created from modeling material like Barbola, Crysola, or Plastone can be painted in bright colors. You could also use plastic modeling pastes well to avoid using expensive materials. Make sure the features are waterproof or coat them with a waterproof substance. Also, be aware of a suitable method to get the figures into a desired shape. 

Features like stonework, flags, pavers, stepping stones, steps, archways, moon gates, and bridges, plinths for statues, columns, poll bases, bricks, and walls can all be made from cement or a similar material. You can use old wood also that can be layered with cement. You can arrange pergolas over the cement by arranging pieces of wood and crossbars cut to the correct size. Pieces of wire can be incorporated to represent arches or arbors. Tiny pieces of cut wood can be painted and fit together to create a trellis, fence, or gate. Use white paints if you are creating a formal garden, as this tends to look best against the conifers. Use wood and twigs to create bridges, balustrades and parapets. A lantern makes wonderful accent for the center of your setting.