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There are multiple uses for garden planters.  One use that many gardeners don’t consider is that planters can be used to creation definition in areas which a space lacks interest or design.

Some of the best planters for defining an area are square or rectangular planters.  These planters use the least amount of space from side to side but will create the largest line to define an area.  Many landscapers and decorators love Campania International’s big box planters.   These large rectangular planters measure fifty nine inches long and only twenty inches wide.  Made out of a lightweight material, these planters are easy to move as you want to define a different area.  Place them on the edge of your patio to create a more intimate feeling for your outdoor patio table.  These planters can be filled with flowers or greens or you can try a more modern approach and fill the planters with fancy LED lights or decorative materials for holiday parties.

If you are looking for a more classical look, cast stone window boxes, or square planters can create the same look.  Instead of placing these planters directly next to each other as you would with the big box planters, leave some space in between square planters to leave empty.  This will help with creating a clean, sophisticated look.  If you like, you can also add garden accents such as little animals or whimsical touches in between square planters.

For smaller spaces, such as a front porch that does not have a railing or ledge. Thin cast stone window boxes make an excellent choice.  By placing these window boxes on the edge of the front porch, you can add colorful flowers that will make the porch look inviting.  While you sit on your porch swing, you will enjoy the beautiful sights of your colorful flowers.  It is important to not overwhelm your porch with too many planters.  This is why it is very important to use a proper selection of planters.

To define an entranceway, round large planters or urns make a wonderful choice to showcase a beautiful wooden door, or trellis into the garden. For an additional pop of color, ceramic planters can be the finishing choice.  Placing amber colored urns alongside of doors, your eye will automatically be caught by the pop of color.  This can be a good choice for front doors that are not attractive to the eye.  Instead of seeing the door, visitors will be greeted by beautiful colorful planters.  It is important to not fill these colorful planters with contrasting flowers.  Adding whites and greens to amber planters makes the planter be the showcase instead of what is planted inside.

Planters and urns can be help define an area that seems empty or too large.  Finding the right materials to fill the inside is very important.  By adding too much to planters or boxes, you will take the focus off of the beauty of the piece all by itself.