Garden Shadowing

If your home is set askew on a small plot, the plot rarely looks good, and attempting to arrange some sort of garden can be extremely difficult to undertake. 

The use of anything triangular in shape, when it comes to elements of the garden, are strongly opposed. These shapes suggest formality, and have many disadvantages. 

If the plot is bounded with converging lines, you should set the house with its sides parallel with the boundary that most closely forms a right angle with the road. Sometimes it is best to set the house front parallel with the roadway, ignoring side boundaries.

Plots that have a more irregular shape must be settled according to circumstances. In these cases, the relation of the house according the size and shape of the plot will greatly affect the layout of the garden plant. 

House builders will often defer the consideration of a garden until the builders have completed their work. It is at this point a garden designer is called, and has to make the best use of the space available for designing. 

Instead, it is a wise idea to bring the architect for the home and the garden designer together, so they can compare notes and come up with a solution that will make both parties happy, resulting in a wonderful home and outdoor space. This will also give the owner a consistent design from the house to the garden space. 

Having both craftsman have an understanding with one another will make the tasks of bother lighter and more effective, preventing any incongruous results. 

You also need to consider the outlay of the garden. This is normally considered to be such a small point that it is totally overlooked and left out of consideration. 

Usually, the builder realizes the costs that have amounted for the house building, and all of those “extras” that he cuts cost when it comes to the garden, trying to save money. 

What happens next is that in trying to ‘save” money, the owner will call upon the help of a local nursery man, and in the end, pay much more money for his garden “lay out”, than had he just had it done during the construction of the house. 

A nurseryman can charge his own price, where as if a homeowner were to have the design done during construction, he can compare and negotiate prices between different designers. 

Spending money on a good outlay will inevitable justify itself. It is best to create a good garden from the beginning, as this will turn itself over after years of produce and enjoyment.