Gardening: Low Maintenance Ideas

A garden is a wonderful and exciting feature for a home; it adds beauty and a place to relax, as well as a soothing hobby that offers exercise. Yet, a garden can be difficult to manage, especially for a beginner. A garden can present a challenge when it comes to choosing the correct plants for your setting, placing your plants, and caring for your plants.

For a gardener, consider first the amount of time available to care for plants. If time is limited, then it is a good idea to choose plants that do not require a lot of maintenance. It is also a good idea to plan out your garden setting before you create it, so you have an idea about the space you have available. For the person who has little time available for garden care, needs a good plan in advanced, to create an effective and easy to care for setting.

There are many types of low maintenance plants that will bloom all summer long, giving a garden beautiful color, while needing little care to continue blooming. The Blazing Star is a spiky purple or white flower that grows well in all types of soils, and is rather drought resistant. This flower adds texture and appeal to your setting. The hosta is a leafy green perennial that is great for shaded areas filling them in if allowed to. The peony is a stunning flower that comes in many shades of color from pinks and reds to whites and yellows. This flower grows best if left alone, and the bushy foliage will look great in all seasons.

A home does not need to miss out on a garden setting just because the owners do not have a green thumb. If flowers are the desired effect, daylilies are the perfect choice. These plants are hardy and create big impacts. These can be used in borders or as ground covers. Day lilies can thrive in poor soil and light conditions, and there are many different varieties. When it comes to greenery in a garden setting, the fern is the ultimate choice. Ferns grow low to the ground, creating ground cover, thriving especially in shady areas. These plants need little to no attention, making them a good idea for a gardener with little time to devote to a caring for the gardener.

For a garden setting to be enjoyable, it helps for it to be pest free. Even creating a beautiful garden setting is not enough to enjoy if mosquitoes are attacking. If this is the case, consider adding the spiky grassy Citronella plant. This natural feature creates beautiful green foliage, while extracting a smell that masks other inviting features for mosquitoes. This plant will also create a lovely backdrop for flowers. They are low effort plants, just plant, and make sure they are in a well drained location. They can even be grown in pots, so they can be moved indoors during the winter.

The plants listed in this article are all easy to grow and tend to. They help to create a beautiful garden setting with virtually little maintenance on the part of the gardener, simply plant and make sure they have water, and they plants will do the rest of the work. These tips will help even the blackest of thumbs create the garden of their dreams! These plants will spruce up a landscape and add curb appeal to a setting with little effort!