Gathering Plans for a Garden Pond

Designing a Pond:
When deciding to install a garden pond yourself, remember that this is a very demanding and time consuming process. Professional landscapers have a great deal of training, and often need a bachelor’s degree just to get an entry level job in landscaping. Often landscapers will consult with various other specialists before proceeding with the creation of a water garden. 

Make sure to do your research thoroughly before beginning this type of project. It is always a good idea to seek advice from anyone who can offer more information, or seek out a local water garden association and get as much knowledge as you can. 

When deciding on water garden take into account your setting. How big of a garden in necessary, will you need any ornamentation like benches or a bridge to sit over the water garden? Consider your budget as well; the project will be more costly than simply installing the fountain. It is a good idea to visit a local gardening center to find out if it would be beneficial to place a water garden in your setting, if it is even worth the investment. 

Once you have decided on these types of questions, you must move to picking out the materials. Create a sketch of the desired look of your water garden. Remember to include seasonal changes in your planning as well, as this will change the appearance of your setting. Think about what seasons need more colorful flowers to add beauty and inspiration to your setting. 

When planning your garden, consider elements that appeal to all five senses. Add colors that make you happy, and textures that are appealing, create movement that is soothing and tranquil. Remember that sound is a big part of a water garden. The addition of moving water, along with frogs or crickets and birds, will help to mask unwanted noises, like traffic. Add flowers that have appealing and fragrant smells. Add items that appeal to touch, soft plants and smooth stones for example.  Create an area that is enjoyable to sit and relax, perhaps a soothing picnic site! 

Take many measurements. This will ensure that all of the materials you want to add to your setting will indeed fit. Consider the size of plants once they are mature in these final plants. Transfer your sketch to scale on graph paper or create a software program. 

To create a truly natural and wonderful water garden, research is key. Research will help you create a look, budget the project out, as well as help you manage the time and labor needed to complete your project!

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