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We had an existing garden with shrubs, trees and other plants that had not been maintain properly and wanted to turn it into a garden that was colorful and inviting.  Our first undertaking was to remove the unwanted shrubs and other plants.  We planted boxwood, juniper and cypress shrubs in the area we cleared.  The containers which we planned to use in our existing garden needed a backdrop with lots of foliage and greenery. The next thing was to prepare a ground plan of the garden.  It is important when working on an existing garden to write on the site plan the location of the containers, along with the existing trees, shrubs and other plants.  We will use small pebbles as a base as well as outlining the general shape of the garden.

We planned to use vibrant color containers of various height and dimension in our garden.  At our local garden center we found planters, urns and water bowls in various sizes and shapes.  The blues that we selected were unusual and stunning combinations in the riviera blue, antique blue and falling blue which are all ceramic garden containers by Campania International.  We also found a mixed pallet collection in the caribbean blue, fire red and yellow green in 3 different style sets.  The containers would add color, height and dimension to our garden.  

We planted purple and white impatiens in the round and square caribbean blue containers. We arranged the containers on the pebbles that outlined the front side of our garden. The containers enabled us to add height to low growing plants. We found the rivera blue containers came in a selection of shapes and heights perfect for the backside of our garden.  We filled the containers with shades of pink and purple flowers and arranged them on the pebbles that outlined the back of the garden. We needed to find the right color and size of containers to outline the sides of the garden.  The caribbean blue containers and falling blue urns were perfect and offered a wide selection of sizes.  We also used the fire red and yellow green containers. We filled them with an assortment of white, pink, and purple flowers. 

We wanted a place that we could relax and enjoy when in the garden.  We were able to place the planned patio in the center of our garden with a curved path which made easy access to the patio.  On the patio we placed a cast stone table and two benches.  The placement of the table and benches allowed us to enjoy the full spectrum of the garden.  We are looking forward to adding a pond or a large fountain to the back part of the garden. But for the present time we are content just spending time in our garden.