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Now that you have received the fountain you have been waiting for, you probably have am empty pallet and packing materials left over.  While you may feel a bit overwhelmed with how to dispose of them, we have a few wonderful recycling ideas to get rid of, or put those pallets to good use!

You should first determine if you want to keep the pallets or if you would rather just dispose of them.  If you have no desire to do a little bit of handiwork and put the pallets to good use, using an on-line service such as Craigslist or even the newspaper, you can place an ad for pallets.  People look forward to receiving pallets for free so they can put them to good use.  You won’t even have to take them anywhere, people will come right to your home to pick them up and take them away.  People will also use the additional packing materials that your fountains, planters, or bird baths came in.  If packed in hay, many people will recycle them for animals or new outdoor projects.

If you have decided that you would like to keep the pallets and make good use of them, we have some great indoor and outdoor ideas for you to create a masterpiece of your own.  It is almost like purchasing one product and receiving a few more for free!

If you are looking to use the pallets outdoors, they make great planters.  Standing a pallet up on its side and placing it against a wall or a fence, pallets can actually make great vertical planters.  Placing plants inside of the slats can create a beautiful place for flowers to be planted, or vines to grow upon.  Laying the pallet flat, you can also create a beautiful place for plants that will keep them organized, imagine vegetables growing in an organized fashion.  It is important to take note if the pallets are pressure treated or may have come into contact with any harmful pesticides before you may use of for food that may be consumed.  You can also paint pallets before turning them into your new planters, this will give the look and feel of a beautiful natural planter that fits right in with your current garden décor.

Another great use for pallets is to create outdoor furniture.  Pallets can easily be turned into a wonderful lounge chair for soaking up the sun and beautiful views of your garden, or an outdoor table to space your cool drinks of sweat tea as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors or a place to put that newly purchase table top fountain or garden terrace planter. Using pallets for outdoor furniture is a wonderful way to recycle. By simply searching on-line for uses of pallets, you can find many different pieces of furniture that can easily be created.

If you decide you don’t want to use your pallets outdoors, you can easily make furniture for the indoors.  From book cases to tables and chairs and picture frame, pallets are wonderful pieces of word that are just waiting to be turned into your very own masterpiece.